A New Way to Feel Old!

So I found a new way to feel old. Thanks to Jeff's kid.. So I saw a posted photo of a game called Fortnite on the PS 4 and thought I would give it a try...

Did I mention I am old? It is a last man standing game with a 100 people. You jump out of a flying bus and have to search the area where you land for building supplies and weapons.

As time moves forward the map becomes smaller till you are all forced into a tiny area to kill each other.

I have found several ways to die... For example trying to take out a person with a shotgun when I just had a pickaxe (the weapon/tool you start with) 

I have no idea what I am doing.. first person shooter is easy enough to comprehend, but the building mechanics takes it to a whole new level.

Thank goodness I have work coming up or I may have never slept.

My mantra for the evening was ... "Just one more game!"

Dan Newburn